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Here at Artwell Films we believe that collaboration is the key to getting the most from our projects. As well as our core team we work alongside wonderful creatives with a history of producing engaging, socially conscious and beautiful work that aligns perfectly with our own ethos. 



Elisa Iannacone

Director of Photography 

Elisa has worked in over 30 countries covering challenging environments, from the Rabaa massacre in Cairo, to domestic violence within Iraqi refugee camps. Her latest project, The Spiral of Containment: Rape's Aftermath, is an immersive art installation exploring the impact of sexual violence through photography, holographic projections, video & sound and was exhibited at the Oxo Tower. 


​As a journalist Elisa has delivered work for National Geographic, BBC World News, Newsweek and Vice. 


George Nevin

Director of Photography 

George Nevin is a conscientious DOP with more than 10 years professional industry experience. He is a joy to work with. His subtle unimposing nature puts him in the perfect position to capture the sincerity of the moment. With plenty of experience in commercial and live action film, George produces flawless, stunning results every single time. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-21 at

Rachel Kaden


Rachel Kaden is an award winning Director, known for exploring topics centred around Trauma, Mental Health and Grief.  Rachel’s passion for learning and understanding the differences and similarities within people, gives her a unique way of being able to highlight and challenge the complex layers of the human character. She is a personable producer with an innate love of storytelling.

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